Are we too dependent on computers?

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Are we too dependent on computers?

​If, you say no, I want to speak to you! Haha

I absolutely believe we are too dependent on computers. Now, we really can’t do much or (I) can’t do anything without my computer, let alone my phone, tablet, IPOD, Bluetooth enabled speaker, and SHOOT!! forgot my charger again!!

I need my computer. I blog, I research ALOT! I can’t do half the research on travel destinations, Pinterest, DIY, recipes, etc without a large surface area to work with. I mean, I COULD do it on my tablet, and phone, and often do, but that computer makes it so much easier. Makes my life, EASIER!!!

Not to mention creating a word document, a resume, an excel spreadsheet, a flyer for a work event, or scroll through your calendar or emails.

I know the world was efficient without them a long time ago, but we are so much more efficient now! Think of all the time saved!

I think of all the new research that has been published and being read due to the ability that now we can read them online in our homes. We no longer have to rush out to a library, when we have all the information at our finger tips.

Oh, and photographers and the work they do! How awesome have their skills become with the increased editing program tools they are now able to work with, because of the computer.

Increased security
Increased cyber bullying
Increased human trafficking – I’d love to educate you on that matter
Increased need for security due to hacking

Some negatives that I can think of, but that all comes with the use of the internet too.

Increased access to books- if you don’t have a car
Increased access to knowledge- in general, articles, news pages, journals, search engines
Increased creativity- movie making, video making (hello YouTube). I don’t know about you but I have seen some awesome videos! And, I heard today, a 6 year old kid is making millions off YouTube just unwrapping gifts!! And, playing with toys (I am in the wronggggg field, HA).
Increased access to loved ones- I love being able to skype with loved ones overseas or in another state! And, being able to share videos and pictures, or those cute furr baby videos 🙂

Do you think we are too dependent on computers?

Can we ever go back to reading newspapers, calling people on the house phone, walking to the library because we have no choice?
Might be nice to try, in our own lives at times, maybe…