Trimming the waist line!

Ketogenic Diet


When I decided in February, to completely end the cycle of binge eating, eating fried processed food, and deciding to take charge of my health for the 100th time, it was the best feeling!

First-   buy a gallon water jug- check! Water, is a must!

Second– plan, research, research, and ask questions.

Third- I found many websites devoted to the Ketogenic way of life.

In short, the Ketogenic way of eating (WOE-is the lingo) began as a medical diet. It was developed for  the treatment of epilepsy in the pediatric population. It began in the 1920s and was widely used, but was not used as much in later years due to new research in medications such as anticonvulsants. But, today it has increased popularity again due to people finally deciding to get off the “drugs”, stop eating processed food, and eat REAL FOOD.

It’s similar to PALEO. And, I know you all have heard of the Atkins diet, or Weight Watchers, or just plain Low Carb.

THIS is different!! It focuses on eating a high fat diet, very strict low carb and moderate protein. The diet forces your body to burn fat for fuel, instead of carbs for energy. The idea is that your body doesn’t feed off the sugars in carbohydrates, your liver is forced to produce glucose for your brain and body, thus fueling you body. I can talk for days about the benefits of this way of life, and the thousands of people that have come off medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, seizure meds, migraine meds, and various other inflammatory conditions. People with inflammatory conditions such as RA (rheumatoid Arthritis) and Fibromyalgia have noticed decrease in pain. If we can eliminate these inflammation causing foods, we can heal our body from the inside out.

Foods are high fat, no sugar, green veggies, no fruit! (with the exception of some berries every now and then).

Caroline Attwood

You mean, I can eat BACON, BACON GREASE, AVOCADO, and any and all FATTY MEATS!!! Sign me up!! Stay tuned for recipes and more information! 

I have lost 25lbs and many inches, and have increased confidence, my moods, and energy with this lifestyle! Feels so good! I hope that you JOIN me!!

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* I suffer from Rosacea and could see the decrease in redness and inflammation from diet change alone!!!