Relax here with my 5 Minute Journal

5 Minutes: Done!

This “5 minute journal” is meant to force yourself to sit down, relax for 5 minutes during your day or in the evening and completely unload your brain! When we take 5 minutes to write down our thoughts we become more relaxed and are able to be more productive.

Another great benefit to writing is you may find yourself coming with some great ideas for later, new dinner recipe, new book you want to read, or maybe decorating that room you have been thinking about. Maybe, you might draft a pitch to your boss about how much you deserve a raise! 

​***Click on video clip for soothing ocean sounds while you take  5 minutes and write down your thoughts. Aren’t  the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach calming? The beach is my happy place and when I am there, I know I can relax. Hope you share that with me. Without the hot sun, of course! Now, where’s my umbrella drink!!  Enjoy 🙂



  • Name a nice thing did you do for someone today.
  • What could you have done differently?
  • Did someone upset you today, how did it make you feel?
  • Are you angry today, sad, fearful, happy?
  • What can you do to change those feelings, and make you feel better?
  • Is there something stressful in your life right now?
  • Has anything just totally made your day today? Was it a kind stranger buying you a drink? Was it your furr babies giving you a kiss in the morning before your day?
  • What stressed you out and how did you do handle that stress?
  • Write down all of your ideas, redecorating, writing a book? Jot those babies down, once they are on paper, you can “unclog” you brain and are better able to accomplish your goals!


Ahhhh, do you feel better? Were you able to jot down a lot of thoughts about your day in those 5 minutes? Can we just continue listening to the calming ocean, 5 more minutes?? 🙂

​Finally, we must return to our duties but feel free to share your journal with me! I’d be glad to read them and be an extra ear or media shoulder to listen. If it’s something you can’t get off your mind, or something you can’t work through, let me know.  🙂  Let’s chat! I can help you, whether it’s organization, making spreadsheets for you, or motivational video clips! Finally, just remember to take those 5 minutes! Come back here if you need to!

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