Keto food

What does it take to live a Ketogenic Lifestyle or WOE ( Way of eating)?

ALOT of dedication and meal prep! The only way to know without a doubt that you know what ingredients are in your food is by cooking meals yourself. When you take the time to prepare, you feel better about the food you are going to eat and know exactly what you are fueling your body with. Food is fuel! Remembering that is often the hardest part of Keto.

I grew up eating processed food and up until February of 2017, I decided to make the change. During college the weight started increasing. But, I was able to maintain it somehow by working out. I was in Nursing School, I had to work some of that stress off! But, with the “YOYO” dieting and eating foods that are supposed to be “healthy” for you continued to add to that weight gain can you say “protein shakes.” In reality those choices probably made matters worse. You end up failing and continue the constant roller coaster of weight gain and weight loss! Making the choice to live a healthy life and eat food that fuels your body is the first step to living a longer and better life! You don’t have to feel like you are making sacrifices with this WOE, because you can have it all! With the increased creativity of chefs now a days, compared to the time when I did just “low carb” in high school has tripled in the past years! One can make really awesome biscuits and bread and desserts, “Ohhhh   myyyyyyy”  and not feel like you are missing out! CRAZY!! I am still in awed by all the creative ways recipes can be converted to a keto lifestyle! Below I show a variety of pictures to help you get an idea of what kind of things you do with this WOE. This is not even touching all the fantastic plethora of recipes there are out there! In this website I will be posting the foods that I make so you can see that it can be done and very easily!  Hello can you say, Zoodles, Spaghetti Squash, and Waffles!


Every time I say or here waffle I always here Donkey from Shrek. Anyone seen it? Hahaha 🙂 Love that guy! “I’m makin waffles!”