Castles of Ireland and Scotland: Beautiful Ruins off the beaten path

Beautiful Ruins: Castles of Ireland and Scotland Looking for a list of Castles? Visit where you can find a list of the most noteworthy castles you have to see in Ireland and Scotland.

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Are you in love with Castles?

I love the beauty, history, and the architecture of these old castles and churches. Traveling through the past in the present and having the ability to walk through years of history that is still standing, is inspiring. First of all, I ask myself, “What history do these old stoned castles walls hold?” Have you ever dreamt of walking through the castle walls during the medieval ages and wondering what life was like?

There are so many movies that depict what life was like during the Medieval Ages. Probably  the  most popular time period that is often depicted with stories of wars, bloody scenes of men fighting each other,  plagues, death, and cold wet castles. But, there is also that certain romance in it. Kings, queens, princesses, balls and dresses and being in love. Shouting their love from the castle windows (oh, excuse me, getting all romantic over here…).

When I think about living in that time period, I think of the romance.

Have you seen Ever After: A Cinderella Story ( the one with Drew Barrymore)? Probably most girls fairy tail dream. I dream of living in the castle, tending to the garden or livestock, walking down the hallways of stone and peering onto acres and acres of green fields full of flowers in the spring or snow in the winter. Can you imagine eating at a long wooden table discussing what the Princess is up to today, or what country we will conquer? Have you dreamt about sleeping in a bed with fur blankets next to a roaring fire of wood and drinking wine out of a golden goblet?

What do you love about Castles?

In April we made a two week trip to Ireland, Scotland, and London. Spent many weeks building an itinerary that included the most beautiful castles in Europe. Seems like all we did was look at castles and churches! Haha

Get married in a castle in Ireland or Scotland? Yes please!  While I was day dreaming, I pictured myself in front of the beautiful ruins in a long laced gown. The backdrop of the castle would have made the best pictures. Loved every single castle and church we visited. We rented a car and had the freedom to visit many different castles as we drove around the country. Google Maps and our wonderful GPS led us to many castles and churches that were off the beaten path. As a result, those adventures made our trip even more special.

Finally, let’s get to the pictures, shall we? It seems like all the best castles are located in Ireland and Scotland! Maybe, I am biased! Haha Of course you have countries like Germany and Spain, just to name a couple.  While there are so many others, I have listed several images below and information about the Castles we visited. If you love them, feel free to click the link to my Etsy page! They can be purchased here as well. If you don’t see one listed, ask and I will be glad to send you a digital copy or photo!

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Ireland Castles:

Scotland Castles:

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  1. My husband and I are celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year. We were thinking of going to Ireland…any hints on getting some discounts/sponsors? Thanks

    1. Oh, I love love love Ireland!!! We took a 2 week trip to Ireland, Scotland, and flew out from London! I will be putting a list together soon, but it takes a lot of work! How long are you going to be going?

  2. Lovely photos. I haven’t bee to some of these. Thanks for sharing, I will be returning soon and now I have some new stops to make. YAY!

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